Atlanta Landscape Group

Atlanta-Landscape-GroupWith a stellar work ethic and an aim for unbeatable customer service, the professionals at Atlanta Landscape Group bring decades of experience to the table....  more


Green Financial Resources, LLC

Feature-GreenFinancial-1With 27 years of professional wisdom, and 17 years here in Gwinnett, Green Financial Resources President/CEO Roger Green aims to help his clients understand investment planning. His tried and true approach is customer-focused, offering advice in an honest, clear method that seeks to help people diversify and invest to increase the potential for growth in their assets over the long-term....  more


Best of Gwinnett 2014

BOG-ribbon-2014It’s easy to spot someone who’s the best at what they do. You can see it in their faces. You can find evidence of their skill and craftsmanship in the products they produce or the services they perform, each bearing a signature touch of perfection....  more


Best of Gwinnett 2014: Home Sweet Home

Home---FrontPageWhat does your home mean to you? Think about it. Consider the memories: Christmas mornings with the kids; a lazy Sunday afternoon watching movies with a loved one; summer nights on the back porch, cooking hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. Keeping your home maintained is a big responsibility. Knowing who you can trust with one of your most precious assets is an excellent starting point....  more


Best of Gwinnett 2014: Let’s Get Down to Business

Business-1818Gwinnett County is swarming with ambitious workers who are always looking to improve the customer experience. Where’s the best place to work? Who boasts the finest customer service? And when you’re a business owner, who do you entrust to maintain your building or keep your servers in order? Read on, and find out....  more


Best of Gwinnett 2014: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Food-FrontPageWhat would you like to eat? You in the mood for Mexican, Japanese, Southern cooking, Thai, Jamaican, Korean? If any of these sound appetizing, then you’re in luck. Gwinnett County is home to a vast array of both ethnic and homestyle fare. You could eat your way around this county for months and never try the same dish twice....  more


Best of Gwinnett 2014: Gwinnett at Play

Play--ESOEBOGwinnett County has a vast array of choices for your down time. Because, sometimes, you’ve got to have a little fun. Check out who’s got the best golf course, happy hour, sports bar, concert venue and movie theatre....  more


Best of Gwinnett 2014: Head Over Heels

Wedding-WeddingWith thousands of weddings every year in Gwinnett County, it’s no secret why florists, jewelers, restaurants, wedding venues and photographers thrive around here. Where do you take your girlfriend to propose to her? And where do you find the ring? Relax, we’ve got you covered....  more


Best of Gwinnett 2014: Take Care of Yourself

takecareIt’s a proven fact that if you take care of yourself and look your absolute best, you’ll have more self-confidence, energy and ambition. Oftentimes, pampering oneself falls by the wayside when trying to balance a busy schedule. Be sure and make time for rest and relaxation. Here are some great starting points....  more


Best of Gwinnett 2014: Shop Around

SHOP-MallofGeorgiaGwinnett is a shopper’s paradise. In the mood to update your wardrobe? Want to purchase the latest electronic gadget or just browse through all sorts of stores? After careful consideration, shoppers told us their favorite spots in the county....  more