Welcome to Gwinnett! Learn Why It’s Great

We asked, you answered — and the result is the 2010 Best of Gwinnett issue. From the best hangouts, hot spots, shops, businesses and places to eat, ten of thousands of Gwinnettians and our editors weighed in on the must-haves or must-dos Gwinnett has to offer. So don’t waste any time — let this issue be your go-to guide for anything and everything Gwinnett all year ...  more


Best of Gwinnett 2010: Welcome Home

Bright Water

A home is defined differently to each person. It can be called an investment, treasured sanctuary, center of the family or a place to get the best cooking around – momR...  more


Best of Gwinnett 2010: Working Hard for the Money

Lake Lanier Islands Resort's Legacy Lodge & Convention Center

Gwinnett ranks high among international and domestic businesses as an excellent environment for growth, innovation, knowledge and sustainability. Within this past year, two companies – NCR and Asbury Automotive – relocated their businesses to Gwinnett, which makes us the only county in this country to get two Fortune 500 companies in one year, according to the Gwinnett Chamber. For the people living in Gwinnett, this translates to more jobs, which equals greater employment and opportunity. The following include our readers’ choices on the companies where they enjoy going to ...  more


Best of Gwinnett 2010: Chow Time!

Shane's Rib Shack

Gwinnettians love food! But after a long day of work and play, the last thing you want to come home to is the chore of cooking dinner. Today, going out to eat is common for the modern American family’s busy lifestyle.  A current restaurant association survey indicated diners increasingly view restaurants as extensions of their own h...  more


Best of Gwinnett 2010: Chillin’ with the Gang

McCray's Tavern on the Square

In challenging times, it’s important to have fun with your family and friends. Gwinnett has everything from places to get your favorite cocktail to convenient local venues to enjoy live music with the family. Our readers tell us their favorite ways to stay entertained right here in Gwin...  more


Best of Gwinnett 2010: Relax and Rejuvenate

Miracles of Massage

You don’t need an excuse to indulge. With the increase stresses of today’s world, it is important to take the time out to pamper yourself. Spas and salons are places where individuals can get a wide range of health and beauty treatments that are meant to relax and relieve the person from stress and strain. Studies have shown these benefits can translate into your day-to-day lives by providing better physical and mental health, including quality sleep and fewer sick days. Our readers have discovered Gwinnett’s best places to treat themse...  more


Best of Gwinnett 2010: Shop Til’ You Drop

Are you diagnosed shopaholic? Do you search the Sunday paper for the great weekly deals? Well, no need to travel to Atlanta, get your fix at the top boutiques and malls are located right here in Gwin...  more


Best of Gwinnett 2010: Lucky in Love

Carl House

We’re all intrigued by love. Being in love, falling in love and staying in love. Here are few facts about love you may not have known. Couples’ personalities converge over time to make partners more and more similar. The oldest known love song was written 4,000 years ago. Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than those who don’t. (Hint, Hint!) Finally, having a romantic relationship with someone makes both genders happier – the stronger the commitment, the greater the happiness! With love in the air, the following are our readers’ favorite­­­ places for romance or companies that will help you plan the big...  more


Best of Gwinnett 2010: Rev Your Engines

Do cars boggle your mind? Does just thinking about buying a new car get you confused? There are so many choices: new or used; diesel, gas or hybrid; standard or automatic; four-wheel or all-wheel drive and the list goes on. Then, you have to find a reliable mechanic. Forget the hassle and make your decision an easy one, pick from our reader choices for the best in Gwinnett’s auto indu...  more


Best of Gwinnett 2010: Immerse Yourself in Gwinnett’s Culture

Downtown Duluth

The best way to understand a community is to get involved socially in its culture. Research shows that pursuing worthy causes makes you a well-rounded individual, is a fantastic stress reliever and provides a sense of self worth. Clear your schedule today and take a look at these top picks that contribute to Gwinnett’s community cul...  more